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Anti-Bullying Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Data Protection Policy

E-Safety Policy

FGM Policy

Health and Safety Policy

ICT Policy

Privacy Policy

Pastoral Care and Child Protection Policy

Rights Respecting Policy

RSE Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

WAU Policy

Parking Arrangements

Arrangements regarding parking can be found by clicking this link Parking Arrangements

School Uniform

Each child is expected to wear the school uniform, which consists of:



Navy Pinafore/Skirt Navy trousers
Yellow Polo Shirt Yellow Polo Shirt
School Sweatshirt School Sweatshirt
Navy Tights White Socks
Black Shoes Black Shoes

School coat (Optional)

Summer Uniform (Optional)



Yellow checked summer dress Navy Shorts worn with white socks

P.E. Uniform (For all pupils)

Yellow polo shirt, Blue shorts & Black plimsoles


If your child is off ill, please send a note with your child when he / she returns to school as this is needed for our records. If your child is required to leave school early, please send a note informing the teacher.

School Hours


9.00am � Pupils in from 8.45am


12.15pm - 1.00pm Year 1 � 5
12.40pm - 1.25pm Year 4 � 7

Home Time:

2.00pm Year 1-3
3.00pm Year 4-7

Due to insurance, pupils cannot be allowed into the school before 8.45a.m., unless they wish to use the supervised breakfast facility in the Dining Hall from 8.00 a.m. onwards

Lunchtime Arrangements

Pupils normally remain in school during the lunch break and no pupil may leave the grounds at lunch-time without written permission
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