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We in Our Lady Queen of Peace place a great deal of importance in Pastoral Care and see it as having a central role in everything we do. We see our children as individuals who can grow and develop in a stimulating environment where they are given the opportunities to develop their abilities and talents. The staff strive to promote a sense of self-respect, self-worth and positive self-esteem within each child.

As a Catholic School we strive to develop in each child a strong sense of the beliefs, morals, values and attitudes of the Catholic faith. We believe in a 'Living Catholic Ethos' where children see from the example of others around them how to work and co-operate with others in a spirit of caring and kindness. This is further developed through the Sacraments, pupils' participation in the Church services and regular visits by our parish priest.

We see our school in partnership with the Church, parents and the wider community. It is important for us that parents feel involved and are informed about their child's school life.

Childrens' learning is more effective when there is active parental involvement. This is encouraged through information sessions and workshops in curriculum areas such a Literacy and I.C.T. Parents attend a teacher/parent progress meeting about their child once a year where they are given a report and a chance to discuss it. They are made aware that they can make an appointment to talk over any concerns about their child at any time.

Our children have a sense of belonging to a community with an understanding of what is meant by a responsibility to it. We hope to instil in our pupils a grasp of the way in which members of families, adults and pupils in schools and people in the local community depend on each other and how the community functions at a local level. An awareness of the outside world is developed through pupil involvement with outside agencies ranging from those who work in charities, sports, the arts and the environment. This will be done both inside and outside school.

As a staff we feel it is important that our work fosters selfrespect, respect for others and the improvement of relationships between people of different cultural traditions. We aim through this work to develop in children confidence in their own worth, enabling them to accept success and failure and to evaluate their strengths and help them to develop the ability to take responsibility for themselves. In learning to build and manage relationships with others our pupils should become aware of the importance of qualities such as patience, respect, gratitude and tolerance.

Our curriculum provision is broad and balanced with staff employing a range of teaching strategies so that effective learning can take place. A differentiated approach in planning and teaching is vital so that pupils with specific requirements are given the chance to reach their full potential. All children need to feel valued and to encourage positive self-esteem we give children opportunities to become involved in a variety of learning experiences both during school and after school hours. Through our teaching methods, classroom management and positive attitude to building relationships we believe we can help pupils to develop a knowledge and understanding of themselves and others as individuals. We aim to build on their strengths and limitations, personal qualities, interests, abilities, skills, potential, values, motivation and needs.

We have a primary responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of the pupils in our charge. We will carry out this duty through our pastoral care policy which aims to provide a caring, supportive and safe environment, in which all our pupils can learn and develop to their full potential.

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Pastoral Care Policy
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